Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today, I Love You All Over Again *You And Music*

Chelsea's POV
  I got done talking to Chris at the bottom of the stairs and we walk back up, after a long talk down there we have decided it would probably be better just being friends with my love for Thomas, and anyway he likes Thomas's sister Jessica, even though I am not really fond of her. I was smiling up at Thomas and Courtney as me and Chris got up there. I cleared my throat cause some point in time when I was down there with Chris Tom took my seat. He got up laughing and I sat down in my spot. I was laughing as well.
  I grabbed my drawing notebook and showed them the cover I drew with the heart, sword, and banner that says 'Forever Fighting' in a beautiful font. That could be one reason why they have me as a cover artist, cause I can write in all kinds of beautiful font designs. Courtney smiled, "I like it Chelsea, it's beautiful." the boys nodded in agreement. "Thanks guy's, it's not my best, but it's still pretty good." I said. They shook their heads in disagreement as if they were saying that this picture is better than all my other ones, I don't agree, I mean this is a good picture but I have other's that are just beautiful and stunning and amazing.
  I laughed and lunch time came around, I walked with them to the cafeteria and grabbed some food. I smiled. I love eating food. Just Kidding, the school food was good though, which is quite unusual, cause at my old school Austin High, the food SUCKED! But oh well, I don't go there anymore, which is good, I am glad I came here to Victory High.

Chris's POV
  Finally lunch time, I love the school's food. It was delicious, better than my mom's cooking. I sat across from Tom and beside Chelsea, and Courtney sat across from Chelsea beside Tom. It was quiet at the table which was unusual but oh well. I continued eating my food as everyone else. I smiled at the thought of a saying that I would always say to Chelsea come into mind as Jessica walked up. Chelsea didn't like her for some reason. The saying stayed in my head throughout the day 'Today, I love you all over again.'

Tom's POV
  My sister Jessica walked up to our lunch table and sat on the other side of Chris. It pissed Chelsea off  even more since my sister is a bitch to her, and she doesn't want to deal with it today. She has had enough of a bad day as it is. Jessica flirted with Chris, and he was......FLIRTING BACK! Oh no, she may be my sister, but I am her brother, and I do not accept this from my best friend.

*That's All, hope you liked it!*