Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Its Only A Dream With You That I Love (You and Music Chapter 1)

Chelsea's Point Of View
  I walk into the school to be surprised by Courtney and Thomas. "Hey guy's what's up?" I ask them. "Oh nothing much, what about you Chelsea?" they ask simultaneously. We all laugh, cause it is funny when they say the same thing at the same time. We stop laughing but I didn't realize Christopher was behind me, they look behind me and begin laughing, they didn't tell me cause I guess he told them not to, cause next thing I know, I am jumping into his arms. "Did you have a nice jump Chelsea?" Christopher asked me laughing. "Not funny!" I yelled and he dropped me to the ground. "Haha, umm Chelsea, this is only Spring, we still need to get past Summer before we get to Fall." Courtney said laughing. "What the flip guys? This isn't funny." I said standing up. "Chelsea, it is kinda funny, you do have to admit that." Thomas said trying to stop laughing.
  I storm off really mad. I go up to my locker than to the auditorium I go. All Sophomore's have to report to the Auditorium today for all morning classes, and a little bit of afternoon classes. For it is basically Study Hall. So when I get there, I sit down in a corner by myself and I grab out a pencil and my drawing notebook. I do a rough scratch copy of a heart with a sword going down the middle and a banner across it that says 'Forever Fighting' and yes as in my band 'Forever Fighting'. I am the guitarist and also the cover designer. 'Nice going getting caught up with this Chelsea.' I think to myself. I put my stuff down and grab out my guitar. Yes the best part about this Study Hall is we can do whatever we want, so that means practice playing a song your having trouble with on guitar.
  I guess that's why I prefer Victory High instead of Austin High. Also the name sounds better. I practice playing the song 'She's Got It All' by Kenny Chesney, since that is one song we are doing. We also have a Talent Show coming up, and yes of course 'Forever Fighting' is performing. All of a sudden I see Courtney, Thomas, and Christopher walk in. 'What are they doing in here, this is only for Sophomore's they are Junior's.' I think to myself and they all walk over to me.

Christopher's Point Of View
  Me, Courtney, and Thomas walk into the Auditorium, and we head over to Chelsea. "What are you guy's doing in here, aren't you guys Junior's?" Chelsea asked. "Yeah, but it just happened that Junior's have Study Hall all day." Thomas said. "Ah, okay, I understand, you guys do realize that I don't have Study Hall all day, I only have it till 7th period." Chelsea said smiling. I noticed that the smile wasn't to me. I know she liked Thomas, but I thought since he started dating Courtney, that would have stopped. I guess not. I walk down to the bottom of the step's with tear's in my eyes. Chelsea walks down after me. "Chris, what's wrong?" she asked me. "Nothing, I know you liked Tom, but I figured that since he started dating Courtney, you would have gave up on him, but I could tell you haven't, by the way you smiled at him." I said wiping my tear's off my cheek.
  She looked up at him and Courtney talking and looked back at me and said "Hun, I am never gonna forget about him, he was the first person I met when I came here, and honestly I have liked him since I first talked to him, I know he is dating Courtney, and I am happy for him cause Courtney is a sweet, funny girl and she is our best friend, but I know that somewhere inside him there is a part of him that I know still likes me, cause I known from before he started dating Courtney that he liked me, he even told me. No matter how much it hurts me to see them together, I know that I am his best friend, I always will be, and that he still loves me, just not in that way though." Chelsea said with tears beginning to form in her eyes, I wipe them away.
  I look up at them and I know that it is killing her inside. I guess that what she tells me, can be true. So I think about that, 'It's only a dream with you that I love.'

Thomas's Point Of View
  I look down and I can notice that every once in a while Chelsea looks up at me, then Chris looks up at me. What is it, I know I am sexy, but Chris is only like a bro to me, and Chelsea, well I know why she is looking at me. It's cause she likes me, but whatever. I just ignore them and continue talking to Courtney.

*That's All!!!!*

You And Music (Character info's)

Name: Chelsea Claire Smith
Nickname: I don't really have a nickname, but I don't really care, I like being called Chelsea
Age: 15, almost 16
Birthday: April 29, 1997
Mom: Wendy Nichole Jones-Smith
Dad: Nicholas James Smith
Siblings: Victoria Lynn Smith *younger sister*; Brittany Anne Smith *twin sister, I'm older by 3 minutes*; Alexis Jane Smith *older sister*; Maxwell Michael Smith *older brother*
Crush: Thomas Hayden Hale
Boyfriend: Christopher Taylor Styles (Since July 16, 2011)
Friends: Just about everyone
Enemies: Well one person, Jessica Marie Hale, Thomas's sister
Best Friends: Christopher Taylor Styles, Thomas Hayden Hale, and Courtney Hannah Marks
Fr-enemies: None really
Worst Enemies: Jessica Marie Hale, I absolutely do not like her
School: Victory High School * Sophomore*
Occupation: Guitarist of the band 'Forever Fighting'
After-School Activities: Hanging out with friends, Texting, Playing my guitar, dancing, singing when no one is looking
Life Song: The More Boys I Meet
By: Carrie Underwood
Theme Song: Uptown Get Around
By: Stereo Skyline
With: Christopher Taylor Styles, and when no one is looking also with Thomas Hayden Hale
Looks: Long brown wavy brown hair the color of dirt, and Sky blue eyes, very skinny, and very pale complexion
Personality: caring, sweet, loyal, brave, can have a bad side, but that is very rare, loves to have fun
Biography: Hey, my name is Chelsea, I am 15, but in a couple days I shall be turning 16. I love to have fun, I also love playing my guitar, that would have to be my most prized possession, I also love to hang out with my best friends, oh and we can't forget about texting, and being on the computer, but I am mostly on the computer for YouTube to listen to songs, and try to practice them on my guitar. When i first moved here to Seattle, Washington from Austin, Texas, most people made fun of me since I had a Southern Accent, but it's all good now, I moved to Seattle when I was 12, so I have been here for 3 years, 4 years tomorrow. I love the bands Big Time Rush, Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, Lonestar, Rascal Flatts, Nickelback, Buckcherry, Puddle Of Mud, Hinder, and all those. I am dating Christopher Taylor Styles, for not even a year yet. But I have a crush on my best friend Thomas Hayden Hale. Well I don't know what else to say, so buh-bye.

Name: Thomas Hayden Hale
Nickname: Tom, Tommy
Age: 16
Birthday: August 17, 1996
Mom: Catherine Nicole Martin-Hale
Dad: Kevin Allen Hale
Siblings: Jessica Marie Hale *younger sister*
Crush: Chelsea Claire Smith
Girlfriend: Courtney Hannah Marks (Since March 13, 2012)
Friends: Everyone
Enemies: None
Best Friends: Chelsea Claire Smith, Christopher Taylor Styles, and Courtney Hannah Marks
Fr-enemies: None
Worst Enemies: None
School: Victory High School *Junior*
Occupation: Bassist of the band 'Forever Fighting'
After-School Activities: Texting, practicing on my bass, hanging out with my best friends
Life Song: Every Rose Has It's Thorn
By: Poison
Theme Song: Picture's Of You
By: Last Goodnight
With: Courtney Hannah Marks
Looks: Shaggy black hair, grass green eyes, muscular, very pale complexion, skinny, but strong
Personality: can be sweet one minute but turn around and can be a total jerk to you, depends on my mood basically
Biography: Hi, the name is Thomas Hayden, get used to it! I love to hang out with my best friends, I don't really claim Jessica as my sister, cause she is rude to my best friend ever, and her name is Chelsea Claire Smith, yes I do have a crush on her, but I am dating our best friend Courtney Hannah Marks, but it has only been a month and 12 days. She is funny, oh we are talking about Chelsea again. I have no clue what else to say, so see ya later.

Name: Christopher Taylor Styles
Nickname: Chris, CT
Age: 16
Birthday: July 16, 1996
Mom: Kaitlin Nichole Michaels-Styles
Dad: Matthew James Styles
Siblings: None
Crush: None
Girlfriend: Chelsea Claire Smith (Since July 16, 2011, also known as my 16th birthday)
Friends: Everyone
Enemies: None
Best Friends: Chelsea Claire Smith, Thomas Hayden Hale, and Courtney Hannah Marks
Fr-enemies: None
Worst Enemies: None
School: Victory High School *Junior*
Occupation: Singer of the band 'Forever Fighting'
After-School Activities: hanging out with my friends, and singing
Life Song: Situations
By: Escape The Fate
Theme Song: Uptown Get Around
By: Stereo Skyline
With: Chelsea Claire Smith
Looks: Shaggy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, muscular, skinny but really strong, and very pale complexion
Personality: nice, sweet, caring, funny
Biography: Hey, my name is Christopher Styles, I have no siblings, and I am taken by Chelsea Claire Smith, we have been dating since my 16th birthday and it is awesome. I am the lead singer of mine, Chelsea's, and Tom's band Forever Fighting. I love to have fun, that is a main thing in my life. I have no clue what else to say, so bye.