Monday, September 10, 2012

Finding Autum Blog Tour

First on this post I want to thank Autum for designing me the prettiest blog. Autum became friends with my mom Anna @ Read Between The Lines when my mom won one of her giveaways. Because of the friendship they have I was able to have a blog that is just AWESOME. So a big THANK YOU GOES OUT TO THE BEST BLOG DESIGNER OUT THERE. My blog is just a blog where I write stories and soon I will use it for all things chaotic and ramblings like no other. When Autum first designed my blog I posted using my iPod which did not have a spell check I made many mistakes. So my mom saw with that I use this as a post that Autum wrote using proper grammer and spelling.

Why Grammar and Spelling, What Big Teeth You Have

One of the biggest thing that bothers me when I go on a website is when people use webspeak ALL THE TIME.
"Ur totally gonna luv this book. lol."
"I wsh I cld C ur face."
If you want people to take your website seriously, speak like a human does; not like a 13 year old texter. Also learn your homonyms! I am guilty of this frequently. When I get typing fast I sometimes will spell your for  you're, but I know there is a difference. Please learn! Check your spelling too!

but I also wanted to use these.

You don't need a ton of animation.

You just don't. I remember when GIF's were REALLY popular. I had like 30 of those suckers on my website. Looking back I am horrified to know that I thought that was a cute design. All of a sudden Flash based animations became really popular and still are. I approve of the use of flash if it's done in a minimal way. Like implementing a shifting object here, or a small script there. But when a whole page is flash based the user can be alienated by too much going on. It's the same with animations. They are too eye catching and sometimes takes away from your content, which may be good-- but that 50 frame animation may be a little over the top.

Tone Down You Colors

I am a fan of colors-- I love every color of the rainbow I really do, but holy crap; some people over do it. My eyes can only take so much. When I see 50 shades of neon glory;  I can't even think straight. For example:
As lovely as these colors look together-- they hurt my eyes like woah. It would be best to use colors that compliment one another, but don't make your eyes scream. Try toning down to pastels, or using colors that aren't ALL bright! Also you can find colors that go great together here:
Once again Autum thank you so much for my beautiful blog I love it. Before I forget make sure to hop along to the other stops and enter the Rafflecopter thingy below.Had moms help with that one.

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