Thursday, June 26, 2014


Schadoh here, onto a rant.
Doesn't it tick any of you off when everyone turns against someone close to you, and that person has a good reason to be acting the way they are, but barely anyone see's that side. Guess what, that person your defending, is only acting like an innocent victim. Guess what, she isn't so innocent. She caused all this. If she didn't want any of this to happen, then where has she been for 2 almost 3 years? Huh? There is always two sides in a story, so instead of only knowing one side, and think you know the whole story, take just a few minutes of your bloody life, and hear the other side, maybe you would realize, that person isn't so innocent as she claims to be.
Seriously, this is my life and family. -_- I hate all the arguing and bickering, just MAKE. IT. STOP!!